A solar inverter is an electrical device that converts the DC electricity your solar panel generates in to AC electricity – which is the same as what the grid delivers. This means you can power all your appliances in your property, directly from your solar panels. There are 2 main types of solar inverters; micro inverters and string inverters, you can find out more about each type here.

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Grid Connect Inverters

Goodwe inverter XS

XS Series

Single MPPT, Single Phase

goodwe inverter ns

NS Series

Single MPPT, Single Phase

GoodWe inverter dns

DNS Series

Dual MPPT, Single Phase

Goodwe SDT Series inverter

SDT Series

Dual MPPT, Three Phase

Fronius Inverter Primo
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The Fronius Primo in power categories from 3.0 to 8.2 kW perfectly completes the SnapINverter generation. This single-phase, transformerless device is the ideal inverter for private households.

Fronius ECO Inverter
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The three-phase Fronius Eco in power categories 25.0 and 27.0 kW perfectly meets all the requirements of large-scale installations.

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Smart Meter

The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter that optimises self-consumption and records the household's load curve.

Delta Inverter 3kW, 4kW, 5kW
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3kW, 4kW, 5kW

Two sets of MPPT optimise power harvesting from separate arrays with different pitch and orientation. The inverter will track the optimal power point for each array independently

Delta Inverter 6kW, 10kW
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6kW, 10kW

The lightweight, compact design and unique wall bracket allow easy and cost efficient installation. Universal multi-contact MC4® DC connectors allow fast and safe connections.

Delta Inverter 15kW, 20kW, 30kW
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15kW, 20kW, 30kW

Class-leading efficiency up to 98.5% for 15-30kW systems, using advanced transformerless topology developed by Delta, the global leader in power electronics. T

Solaredge inverter single-phase
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The SolarEdge single phase inverter with HD-Wave technology breaks the mold of traditional solar inverters.

Delta Inverter 15kW, 20kW, 30kW
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The SolarEdge three phase inverter combines sophisticated digital control technology with efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar power harvesting and best-in-class reliability.

Hybrid Inverters

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Boasting power categories ranging from 3.0 to 20.0 kW, the transformerless Fronius Symo is the three-phase inverter for systems of every size.

Sungrow SH5k Inverter
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For new and existing systems. Compatible with both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries

Sungrow STB5K Backup
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Optional module. Max. input/output current is 25 A. External button to switch a system from on-grid to off-grid

Selectronic Inverter
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A solar hybrid system allow you to take control of your power by adding battery storage to your solar power while still remaining connected to the electricity grid.