About Neon Solar Systems

About Us:  The Australian solar industry has a well-earned ‘mixed reputation’.  ‘Overnight experts’ commence operation in line with the latest government incentive and cease operating when the warranty claims for their corner cutting approach appears.  With little effective industry regulations, opportunistic operators are leaving home owners and business’ alike with faulty or poorly performing installations and nowhere to turn for rectification or warranty.

Neon Solar Systems was created as an exception to this.  We are a customer centric business with internal professional engineering.  Our focus is on delivering proven, reliable and high performing solutions that deliver our clients reliable source of renewable energy and maximise cost savings for the duration of our 25 year performance guarantee.


Neon Solar achieve this by only delivering products and system designs we have tested ourselves in our in-house test area.  We test for quality before we present them as energy solutions for you.

We take pride in being able to properly develop and service hybrid battery, off-grid and rectification works in both commercial and residential markets.  Neon is all about solar.

We are a CEC Accredited Solar Retailer! CEC approved solar retailer

Neon is proud to be partnered with Ennogie Australia and certified with Tesla for Powerwall and Brighte for their Green Loan

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