In Australia, the cost of solar panels has greatly reduced in recent years and its technology continue to advance. Solar Panels represent the most reliable, low cost and low maintenance source of energy for off-grid and grid connected solar power systems. Solar modules are typically mounted on the roof or ground mounted frames to convert sunlight into electricity (DC). An inverter then converts the DC electricity into common alternating current (AC) electricity. This can then be used to either power appliances directly, or charge storage batteries for use at night.

The effectiveness of solar panels depends on various factors such as the location they are installed, weather, angle and if there are any shaded areas. North-facing is commonly the best direction where no trees or shading occurs.

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Photovoltaic Systems

Australia is exposed to sufficient sunlight to supply the nation’s total energy requirements many times over. By utilising the Photovoltaic (PV) technology amongst residential, commercial and industrial buildings the owner is able to capture the abundantly free, renewable resource energy.

Solar PV products and configurations — from solar cell to solar array.