With the solar industry forever evolving and expanding the industry has come a long way in ways of costs, efficiency and accessibility. Below are a few interesting solar facts that you may or may not have heard.

Did you know… the average cost of solar power was around US$76 per watt in 1977. In 2013 this dropped to about US$0.70 and even lower today in 2018! In other words this means solar panels are now about 100 times cheaper than they were 35 years ago.

Things like this are usually the other way around, for instance $1 in 1977 you could get a whole bunch of mixed lollies at your local milk bar and now you’ll be lucky to get 1 lolly for $1.

Did you know… installing a solar system for your home only takes a few hours and not weeks as some may assume. It all obviously depends on the size of the system but say for a 4kW system on a standard home can take around 6 hours to install.

Did you know… an Airplane have flown around the world entirely on solar power, and no it wasn’t a commercial flight with 100’s of passengers but still this is quite the feat. In 2016, Bertrand Piccard, a Swiss pilot and explorer, flew around the world in a solar-powered plane. The Solar Impulse II used only solar power to soar through the skies.

Did you know… solar panels are over 90% recyclable. There are some manufacturing materials that are toxic but fortunately solar recycling processes have been implemented preventing tons of solar panels being dumped in landfills worldwide.

Did you know… on average the life expectancy of solar panels is 30 years. Over the years the solar panels could decrease in efficiency but I would say a 30 year investment to a better tomorrow is a pretty good run.

As solar continues to soar all around the world we will keep you posted of any further interesting facts and developments.

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